A & A Legal Nurse

​Practitioner Consultants, LLC

What makes A & A LNPC different?

We speak your language.

A. J. Ullman has practiced law over 20 years and is a Master's trained Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

We work for plaintiff's or defense counsel.  We care about the truth, quality and integrity.

Why use a legal nurse consultant?

Tired of combing through medical records, spending your valuable time trying to get a handle on medical issues?  Feel like you're looking for a needle in the haystack?  We can find the information you need to build your case, explain it to you without medical jargon and produce reports, timelines, summaries, research, assist with discovery and find you the experts you might want to engage.

Concerned about costs?

No worries!

We customize every case to your unique needs.  We only bill on a flat fee basis for only the work you want.  Never worry again that you will have uncontrolled/unknown costs for your project.

What is a legal nurse consultant?  

A LNC is a registered nurse who works independently to provide medical expertise to give attorneys better insight into medical cases. LNCs use their medical knowledge, experience and research abilities to advise on illness and injury issues related to the inner workings of hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes and the healthcare system at large. Their findings and conclusions are relied upon by the legal community as well as various healthcare-related businesses. LNCs have been significantly involved in several ground-breaking litigations.